130 kW Brazed Heat Exchanger

The 130 kW brazed heat exchanger is an equipment designed for heat transfer from one fluid to another. The transmission of heat between the two fluids is done through a system of stainless steel plates, which separates the two environments.

The material used in the construction of brazed heat exchangers is stainless steel, AISI 316L, which provides good corrosion resistance and is easy to maintain.

The heat exchangers in brazed plates are compact and can be equipped with thermal insulation.

The power of the heat exchanger with brazed plates depends on the temperatures of the two fluids that make the heat exchange. The maximum power of the heat exchanger represents the maximum transfer capacity between the two fluids.

  • Material : Inox 316L
  • Primary connection : 1/2″ M
  • Secondary connection : 3/4″ M
  • Numbar of plates : 60
  • Heat exchange surface : 0.75 mp
  • Length : 195 mm
  • Width : 75 mm
  • Height : 145 mm
  • Power : 130 kW