1500 liter buffer tank, no coil

Buffer tank for the storage of heat generated by solid fuel boilers, solar heaters or heat pumps. It offers optimum performance of the boiler, allowing it to work at rated power even when the installation does not need all the heat produced by the boiler. The heat accumulates and is stored in the storage tank and can be used even when the boiler no longer generates heat.


  • Polyurethane insulation, 100 mm thick and PVC outer padding
    three caps for temperature sensors
  • upper socket for vent connection or safety group
  • Capacity : 1500L;
  • Diameter : 1000 mm (1200 mm with insulation);
  • Height with insulations: 2220 mm;
  • Connections : 1 1/2″, inner thread
  • Working pressure : 3 bar;
  • Buffer tank maximum working temperature : 95°C;
  • Recommended wood burner size for connection to buffer tank: 27 – 50 kW;
  • Weight : 229 kg
  • Energy class : C