200L, double coil, solar water tank

Hot water tank for solar installations, equipped with two intercalated thermal exchange coils. Mounting on the floor.


  • High efficiency insulation (rigid polyurethane 75 mm), energy class B
  • two pockets for temperature sensors
  • complex protection against corrosion made with zirconium enamel and two magnesium anodes
  • cold water / hot water thread – 3/4 ” F
  • coil fillet – 3/4 ” F
  • domestic water re-circulation connection
  • flange type opening for cleaning or inspection
  • optionally, it can be equipped with electrical back-up heater


  • 8 bar safety valve, 3/4 “
  • mechanical thermometer
  • sensor shell – one piece
  • floor mounting legs – set
  • manual in Romanian

Warranty period

  • 3 years


  • diametru: 600 mm
  • inaltime: 1430 mm
  • greutate: 84 kg

Caracteristici tehnice:

  • Suprafata serpentina S1: 0.90 m2
  • Suprafata serpentina S2: 0.38 m2
  • Capacitate serpentina S1: 4.33 l
  • Capacitate serpentina S2: 1.82 l
  • Putere serpentina in mod continuu S1 *60-80/70-90oC: 24/30 kW
  • Putere serpentina in mod continuu S2 *60-80/70-90oC: 13/20 kW
  • Debit apa calda la ΔT 35oC (S1) *60-80/70-90oC: 558/648 l/h
  • Debit apa calda la ΔT 35oC (S2) *60-80/70-90oC: 318/468 l/h
  • Pierdere termica ΔT 45K: 49 W/h
  • Temperatura maxima de functionare: 95oC
  • Presiune nominala: 8 bar
  • Presiune nominala serpentina: 6 bar
  • Timp maxim de incalzire S1 *80oC – **15/60oC: 30 min
  • Timp maxim de incalzire S2 *80oC – **15/60oC: 30 min

* temperatura de intrare/iesire a agentului termic

** 15oC – temperatura apei reci, 60oC – temperatura apei calde menajere

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