3 Person – House Kit

Solar kit designed for heating fresh water all year long. The system is designed to ensure the needs for hot water in a 2 person family house.

System components:

Produs / CodC.203 - 3P
Comfort / double coil
C.305 - 3P
Comfort w/o Tank
C.200 - 3P
Economic / double coil
C.301 - 3P
Economic w/o Tank
Solar Collector CS20CS20CS15CS15
Water tank150 l double coilNA150 l double coilNA
ControllerSR 208CSR 208CSR 208CSR 208C
Pump stationS5P6S5S5
Expansion vessel12 L12 L12 L12 L
Antifreeze liquid20 kg20 kg15 kg15 kg
Expansion vessel flexible connectionDN16, 40 cmDN16, 40 cmDN16, 40 cmDN16, 40 cm

According to specific needs, the following accessories should be taken in consideration also : pre-insulated flexible pipe, connection fittings, tilting and anchoring accessories for the solar collector.


  • 10 years for the solar collector
  • 3 years for the water tank
  • 2 years for the rest of the accesories


The solar collector is mounted facing south, inclined at 45 degrees angle and in an area without shading. The connection of the collector to the lower coil of the solar boiler will be done using the flexible stainless steel pipe with elastomeric insulation.

Each vacuum tube works independently and the damage of a tube does not cause the solar system to malfunction but only to reduce the absorption and heating capacity.

The vacuum tubes are equipped with heat-pipes and do not contain water. The solar panels with vacuum tubes offer the highest performance of capturing the solar energy. The solar tubes are made of borosilicate glass inside which are chemically coated three layers of absorption that amplify the effect of solar radiation. The tube inner vacuum ensures the capture of solar radiation and its transport to the collector ramp, without thermal losses. The cylindrical shape of the tubes gives them the ability to capture optimal sun rays throughout the day, thus ensuring a good performance even in cloudy sky conditions.

The boiler is positioned indoors, usually in the technical room of the building, next to the solar controller, the pumping group and the expansion vessel.

The solar system is charged with solar antifreeze liquid, air-vented and pressurized using an electric filling pump.

Once installed the system does not require annual maintenance and does not require emptying in the cold season. The recommended service interval is 5 years and involves: checking the antifreeze liquid (pressure and freezing point), checking the air pressure in the expansion vessel, checking the solar collector (fixing, visible degradation),  cleaning the limestone deposited in the boiler and replacing the magnesium anode.

1. CS20 solar collector:

  • Dimensions (mm) : 1670 x 1990 x 125
  • Weight : 63 kg
  • Absorption surface : 1.98 mp
  • Total surface : 3.32 mp
  • Liquid capacity : 1666 ml
  • Maximum pressure : 800kpa / 116Psi
  • Heat pipe stagnation temperature : 180°C
  • Vacuum tube stagnation temperature : 280°C
  • Maximum output : 1290 W / 4420 Btu
  • Ideal flow rate : 2.5 l/min
  • Pressure loss at ideal flow rate : 1.2 KPa (12 mbar)
  • Maximum flow rate : 18 l/min
  • Daily heating capacity (Δ40°C) : 140-200 l

! The collector’s tilting and anchoring system should be ordered according to roof’s type.

2. 150 L, single coil / double coil water tank:

  • Height : 1150 mm;
  • Diameter : ᴓ470;
  • Insulation : 32 mm (PU rigid);
  • Heat exchanger surface  S1/S2: 0,5/0,3 sqm;
  • Heat exchanger volume  S1/S2: 2,4/1,4 l;
  • Tank nominal pressure: 8 bar;
  • Coil nominal pressure : 6 bar
  • Weight: 55 kg

3. SR208C solar controller

  • Solar applications available: 1;
  • Sensors available : 3;
  • Output relays : 2;
  • Monitored solar fields : 1;
  • Monitored tanks : 1

4. Panosol S5 pump station

  • Panosol PSP6 solar pump
  • Pump flow rate: 1 – 8 l/min
  • 6 bar safety valve
  • Manometer
  • Filling connection
  • Draining connection
  • One-way valve
  • Expansion vessel connection
  • Wall fixing frame

5. 12L expansion vessel

  • Equipped with wall stand
  • Equipped with 40 mm flexible connection
  • Max working pressure : 10 bar;
  • Maximum working temperature : 110°C;
  • Connection: 3/4″

6. Solar air vent

  • Maximum working temperature: 180°C;
  • Connection: 1/2″

7. Solar antifreeze liquid -28°C

  • polypropylene glycol;
  • working temperature range: -28°C/180°C.