3 way deviation valve – 1″

3 way deviation valve – 1″ – for solar installations


The 3-way valves combined with an On/Off device  have the role of controlling the flow rate as well as the direction of the cold or hot water flow in the heating or cooling systems.

The valve closes or deflects the flow of the working liquid through a bypass. Watts valves can be used for both mixing and flow deflection and can be coupled with 22C series electric motors.

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum working pressure: 16 bar;
  • Maximum differential pressure: 0.5 – 0.8 bar (based on size and  purpose);
  • Maximum working temperature: 110°C;
  • Material:
      • frame: brass CW617N
      • rod and bow: stainless steel
      • stopper: EPDM
  • Connection: 1″