30 Person – Comfort Kit

Solar system for domestic hot water equipped with 180 vacuum tubes (9 x CS20). This package has been designed to meet the needs for domestic hot water in accommodation units of up to 30 guests.

The water tank is equipped with two coils and optionally can be equipped with electrical resistance. The thermostatic valve included has the role of optimizing the consumption of domestic hot water.

Based on a specific demand, the following components will be added to the package: insulated stainless steel flexible pipes, fittings and fixing / tilting systems for solar panels.

System components:

Product / CodeC.430C.328
Solar CollectorCS 30 x 6CS 30 x 6
Water Tank1500 l, double coilNA
ControllerSR 288SR 288
Pump stationP7P7
Expansion vessel 100 L100 L
Antifreeze liquid20 kg x 520 kg x 5
Valve1 " 1"
Solar ventYESYES
Fittings5 x DN205 x DN20
Expansion vessel flexible connectionDN16, 100 cmDN16, 100 cm


  • 10 years for the solar collector
  • 3 years for the water tank
  • 2 years for the rest of the accesories

Each tube works independently and the damage of one tube does not affect the functionality of the  solar system but reduce the absorption and heating capacity.

The vacuum tubes are equipped with heat-pipes and do not contain water. The solar panels with vacuum tubes offer the highest performance of capturing the solar energy. The solar tubes are made of borosilicate glass, having chemically deposited inside three layers of absorption that amplify the effect of solar radiation. The vacuum inside the tube ensures the capture of solar radiation and its transport to the collector ramp, without thermal losses. The cylindrical shape of the tubes gives them the ability to capture optimal sun rays throughout the day, thus ensuring a good performance even in cloudy sky conditions.

Solar Collector Fittings – 3/4 ″ connection (outside).

Solar Collector with 20 vacuum tubes CS20 and heat-pipe technology:

  • Dimensions (mm) : 1670 x 1990 x 125
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Absortion surface : 1.98 mp
  • Total surface : 3.32 mp
  • Liquid capacity : 1666 ml
  • Maximum pressure : 800kpa/116Psi
  • Heat-pipe stagnation temperature: 180°C
  • Vacuum tube stagnation temperature : 280°C
  • Maximum output: 1290 W / 4420 Btu
  • Optimum flow rate : 2.5 l/min
  • Pressure loss at optimum flow rate : 1,2 KPa (12 mbar)
  • Maximum flow rate: 18 l/min
  • Daily heating capacity (Δ40°C) : 140-200 l

! The collector’s tilting and anchoring system should be ordered according to roof’s type.

2. 1500L, double coil, solar water tank:

  • Height: 2210 mm;
  • Diameter: ᴓ1250;
  • Insulation: 100 mm (PU rigid);
  • Heat exchange surface S1/S2: 3.04/2.03 mp;
  • Coil volum  S1/S2: 19.95/13.34 l;
  • Tank nominal pressure: 8 bar;
  • Coil nominal pressure : 6 bar
  • Weight: 408 kg

3. Panosol P6 pump station:

  • WILO Para STG 15-8 Solar pump with high efficiency;
  • Safety valve: 6 bar;
  • Manometer: 0-6 bar;
  • Sense valve
  • Flowmeter
  • Filling connection 3/4″
  • Draining connection 3/4″
  • Output 3/4″ to the expansion vessel
  • Thermometer

4. SR208C solar controller 

  • Solar applications available: 1;
  • Sensors available: 3;
  • Output relays: 2;
  • Monitored solar fields : 1;
  • Monitored tanks : 1

5. 50L, expansion vessel 

  • Equipped with wall stand
  • Equipped with flexible connection
  • Maximum working pressure : 10 bar
  • Maximum working temperature: 110°C;
  • Connection: 1″

6. Solar air vent 

  • Maximum working temperature: 180°C;
  • Connection: 1/2″

7. Solar antifreeze liquid -28°C

  • Polypropylene glycol;
  • Working temperature range: -28°C/180°C.

8. Thermostatic deviation valve 1″

  • Equipped with 4 adjustment positions;
  • Temperature range: 32°C – 50°C;
  • Maximum differential pressure: 2 bar;
  • Maximum temperature in the primary circuit: 100°C;
  • Maximum working pressure: 10 bar;
  • Working liquid: water

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