3KW (220V) electrical heater

Incoloy-type stainless steel electrical resistance is intended for solar systems, water heaters, storage tanks and buffer tanks. The resistor is equipped with electric cable and has IP44 protection. The product is compatible with all Panosol boiler models.

The resistance is provided with a thermostat for adjusting the temperature, a TSR temperature-limiting type and an indicator for the operating mode.

The power of the resistance is 3000 W and its role is to ensure the heating of the solar water heater on less sunny days or during periods of high consumption of domestic hot water.

  • Power : 3000 W
  • Connection : 1 1/2″ (output)
  • Electrical cable included : 1.5m lenght
  • Protection level : IP44
  • Resistance lenght : 400 mm
  • Resistance thickness: 0.85 mm
  • Maximum operating pressure : 10 bar
  • Temperature adjustment range : 30 – 75°C
  • Amperes: 230V