45° angle compensator for CS10 / CS12

Solar panel tilt compensator for Panosol CS10 and CS12. Adjusts the angle of the solar panel up to 45 degrees from roof tilt.

The 45 degree compensator is recommended in situations where the installation of the solar collector is done on terraces or roofs with a maximum inclination of 15 degrees. The role of the compensator is to ensure the optimum inclination of the solar collector, so that the capture of solar radiation is maximum.

Components of the set:

Tilt feet 45 degrees – 2 pieces
Side bumpers – 2 pieces
Rear bumpers – 2 pieces
Roof mounting soles – 4 pieces
Screws – 1 set

  • Material : Extruded aluminum profiles
  • Profile thickness : 2 mm
  • Vertical feet : U type profile 25x25x25
  • Bumpers : rectangular profile 10×20
  • Compatible with : Panosol CS10 and CS12

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