Antifreeze solar power -28 C (10kg)

Panosol Solar Power antifreeze prepared provides frost protection of solar installations up to -28°C. The product allows fast charging of the installation, being ready for use in solar circuits. High temperatures up to 180°C can be used, it recommends in applications such as solar systems. Solar Power -28 contains a mix of additives, corrosion inhibitors and antifoams that ensure optimal protection of the installation elements, thus extending their average operating life. It does not contain amines, nitries, silicates, borates and phosphates, compounds prohibited by the European legislation for environmental protection.

Way of ussage:

It is used as such, providing frost protection up to -28°C or in combination with demineralized water.

Packing method: Plastic container, 5 kg

Labor and environmental protection measures:

The product contains non-toxic propylene glycol. Swallowing larger quantities (over 100 ml), can cause gastrointestinal disorders and temporary depression. First aid is not required. Take a few glasses of water to dilute the concentration. in case of swallowing large quantities, medical assistance will be required. The provisions regarding the safety of work and the environment will be respected. Do not use empty packaging for food storage.

  • pH – 7,5 – 9
  • Boiling point – min. 180°C
  • Ignition temperature – >100°C
  • Explosive properties – it is not explosive
  • Oxidizing properties – it is not oxidizing
  • Vapor pressure  – 0,06 mbar at 20°C
  • Density – 1,035 at 15°C
  • Solubility in water – miscible in all proportions
  • Partition coefficient octonal-water – log Pow = -1.07 at 25°C
  • Dynamic viscosity  – 43,4 mPas at 20°C
  • Relative density of vapors – 2,6 at 20°C
  • Flowing point  – max -28°C
  • Auto-ignition temperature  –  > 400°C (1000,10 – 1014,40 hPa)