Flexible Stainless Steel DN25

The DN25 embossed stainless steel tube is the ideal solution for the professional connection of the elements that make up the solar system or for applications that require extreme temperature intervals.

Ease of installation, low heat losses and low cost make the flexible stainless steel pipe the optimal solution for installing solar panels with vacuum tubes.

Mounting specifictions:

The tube is cut in such a way that the cut remains clean, without any visible bumps or edges. tou can install sockets through the socket or quick seals sealed with silicone seals.

  • Material: AISI 316L stainless steel;
  • Maximum work temperature: +570°C;
  • Minimum work temperature: -250°C ;
  • Working pressure at 20°C: 16 bar;
  • Tube thickness: 0.18 mm;
  • Area per linear meter: 0.134 m2/m;
  • Nominal diameter: 25;
  • Outer diameter: 31.7 +/- 0.25