Metal tile anchoring set – 4 x L

Set of supports made of galvanized steel for fixing the Panosol CS10, CS12, CS15 and CS20 solar panels on sloping roofs which are covered with metal tiles (profiled or plain sheet).

The profile of the support is specially modeled for all types of metal tile. The brackets are fixed to the roof using hollow screws with rubber seals. The bolts for anchoring the brackets are not included in the package.

Component of the set:

Support L – 4 pieces
M6x20 screws – 4 pieces
Nut M6 – 4 pieces

The brackets can be used for directly fixing the solar collectors on the roof but also with a mounting angle compensation system.

  • Material : Galvanized steel
  • Thickness : 2.5 mm
  • Compatible with : CS10 / CS12 / CS15 / CS20