Guide to design solar installation system

Panosol application is offering an accurate calculation of the solar heating installations aiming to generate the necessary equipment required by a solar installation, such as:

  • Solar panels (number of vacuum tubes),
  • Water tank size,
  • Quantity of solar antifreeze liquid,
  • Expansion vessel size,
  • Pumping unit size,
  • Connecting pipe size

At the same time, the application calculates the monthly and annual amount of  thermal energy produced by the proposed system. For the accurate calculation, the application analyzes the geographical orientation and inclination of the solar panels, the length of the solar route, the daily domestic hot water required and the desired water temperature.

Depending on the desired solar application, you can choose between: domestic heat water (DHW) preparation, pool heating or house heating contribution. Applications can be analyzed separately or together. For further details, after the dimensioning stage, you can email the summary of the calculation to our expert.

The SunCalc application will show the sun’s motion and the sun phases for a location and a given day. You can see the specified time for sunrise&sunset, the positions of the sun at sunrise and at the sunset. The thin orange curve is the current trajectory of the sun, and the yellow area around it is the variation of the sun’s trajectories during the year. The closer a point is to the center, the higher is the sun above the horizon. The colors on the time slider show the solar coverage during the day.