Thermostatic deviation valve 1″

The 3 way valve is designed for applications of the thermal agent derivation.

Operating principle:

The transition from one station to another is made with an accuracy of ±2oC or ±3oC (depending on the model), compared to the nominal temperature of derivation. This means that a valve with a derivation temperature of 45oC and an inlet fluid temperature lower than 43oC will divert the flow to port B; while for a fluid inlet temperature between 43-47oC it will deflect it both towards port A and port B, and for a fluid temperature greater than 47oC it will deflect the flow to port A. The valve operation is independent of the mounting position.

    • Technical specifications:
      • Materials used : DZR brass, CW602N, high-quality stainless steal, certified for drinking water
      • Working pressure: 10 bar maximum
      • Adjustment performance : ±1°C
      • Deflection value : 45°C ±2°C (value between A and B outputs B)
      • Available temperatures :  45°C, 50°C, 60°C ±3°C
      • Liquid temperature : 0°C …+100°C, for very short time +110°C
      • Differential pressure : 100kPa
      • Drainage: watertight
      • Fittings: 1 “outer thread ISO228 / 1