Thermostatic mixing valve 1″

The thermostatic mixing valve is a device for mixing  water and adjusting its temperature.

The devices are used in solar installations, sanitary installations of water, heating circuits, thermal power stations, industrial installations of water.

The role of the mixing valve is to keep the mixed water temperature constant, even if the water temperature and pressure may vary.

Adjustable temperature range:  35 – 60oC

    • Technical specifications:
      • Maximum operating temperature : 95oC
      • Mixing temperature accuracy at output: +/-2oC
      • Factory setup temperature: 44oC
      • Recommended working temperatures:
      • Hot water: 65oC
      • Cold water: 15oC
      • Reference pressure for hot and cold: 3 bar
      • Maximum static pressure: 10 bar
      • Maximum working pressure: 5 bar
      • Connection: 1″ output fitting