WiFi SR208C Solar Controller

Panosol SR208C solar automation is designed for solar thermal applications. It can read 3 temperatures, it can operate 2 relays and it can transmit all recorded data on the Panosol DeltaX application available online.

The controller can work in solar systems interconnected with other heating systems such as electric heaters, gas boilers, wood or pellets. With an animated screen, the automation can manage one solar collector array, a solar boiler with two thermal sensors, a system of auxiliary heating of the boiler (electrical, gas or pellets) or a valve for discharging the excess of temperature.

The PWM function available on this controller allows the connection of an electronic solar pump (with variable speed) that will ensure a minimum energy consumption during operation. At the same time, automation can also work with conventional pumps (On / Off).

The automation is pre-programmed, and it is not necessary to program it for installation. Possible settings can be made by consulting the manual in Romanian or English.

Content of the package :

  • SR208C solar controller – 1 piece
  • WiFi adapter – 1 piece
  • PT1000 temperature sensor – 1 piece
  • NTC10K temperature sensor – 2 pieces
  • Handbook in Romanian
  • Available functions:
    • Holiday function
    • Timed auxiliary heating
    • Temperature differential control (1 * ΔT)
    • Compatible with electronic pumps (solar PWM)
    • Wireless data transfer to Panosol DeltaX system
    • Compatible with WiFi module
    • Emergency shutdown of the system in case of over heating
    • System cooling (by-pass function)
    • Protection at low temperatures and frost
    • Boiler cooling functions
    • Setting of maximum temperature in boiler (1 boiler)
    • Manual control for 2 outputs (P1, H1)
    • Password protection system
  • Available ports:
    • T1 sensor – solar collector
    • T2 sensor – lower boiler temperature
    • T3 sensor – upper temperature boiler
    • P1 – solar circuit pump relay
    • PWM – speed control for electronic pumps
    • H1 – additional relay for interconnection with other heating systems
    • RS 485 – Internet access connection with WiFi adapter